Texas Energy Rates: Educate Yourself

Electricity bills, in many areas of the U.S., can seem particularly daunting. With fluctuating rates, staying within your monthly budget can be tricky. Many homeowners have no choice when it comes to how their electricity is generated and who provides it. This is not the case in Texas. The majority of the Lone Star State gives consumers the freedom to select their own provider. In fact, you have the right to shop for energy supply rates from several electricity companies in Texas.

Retail Electricity Providers, or REPs, offer you a variety of monthly energy rates, green energy options and customer rewards so that you can find a service and energy rate that best meets your budget and energy-related needs.

Texas Electricity Companies and Electricity Generation

Texas electricity companies employ a variety of approaches to creating and providing electricity. In deregulated states such as Texas, consumers are not obligated to purchase electricity straight from the utility. Advantages of deregulation include the opportunity to choose your own energy supplier and select from one of many different energy plans.

Brown Energy versus Green Energy

Electricity companies in Texas can create energy from brown or green resources. Brown energy pollutes the environment and is derived from resources that are not easily replenished. Unfortunately these resources take much longer to create than it takes to consume them. Common brown energy sources are fossil fuels like oil and coal. Green energy, on the other hand, has a smaller impact on the environment and can reduce your carbon footprint, or the amount of greenhouse gases you and your family produce, on a daily basis. Green energy comes from sources that are easily regenerated, such as wind, solar and hydropower.

Electricity Transmission and Distribution

Regardless of your billing method, one of many regional Texas electricity providers will be able to help you change your Texas energy rate. Your utility company, or TDSP, will continue to handle transmission, distribution and maintenance of the infrastructure like always.

Here on TexasEnergyRates.net you can find more information about local retail electricity providers and the Texas energy rates that they are offering. After a bit of research, you can weigh the pros and cons of each supplier, and then select the best electricity company for your family. With the ideal electricity plan, you can potentially enjoy monthly rates that won’t leave your wallet feeling light as a feather.