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You may not think much about flipping on a light switch or turning on the TV, but you are using energy each time you do. You need to make sure you are getting the best rate on your energy use because each flip of a switch or click of a button adds up on your monthly energy bill. Fortunately, many residents of the Lone Star State have the opportunity to choose their own energy supplier.

Most electricity providers in Texas also offer business energy supply rates. Retail energy suppliers offer different Texas electricity rates and plans . Make sure you shop around to get the best deal on your electricity supply.

Deregulation introduced competition to electric companies in Texas

To truly understand the value of living in a deregulated state, you must first comprehend how Texas energy was regulated in the past. Historically, the local utility was the only company allowed to both supply and deliver your energy. In order to regulate Texas electricity rates, the Public Utility Commission of Texas regulated the prices utilities could charge.

In 2002, the state of Texas passed a series of laws separating the cost of energy supply from the cost of delivering energy. The deregulation laws allow the utility to deliver electricity through its infrastructure of power lines, and give residents the option to choose from among dozens of electric companies in Texas to supply it. Although most of the state is deregulated, there are still a few areas that are not.

Deregulating the energy market brought competition to the state and empowered Texas residents to choose from among the many Texas electric companies. And the good news is, it’s a buyer's market! With so many companies trying to gain your business, you can have your pick of energy suppliers. Texas electricity rates vary by energy provider, so if you want the best deal, make sure you shop around and compare all your options.

Switching Texas Energy companies

While there are many energy saving tips available, the easiest way to save on energy is to shop around for a lower energy rate. It may seem that switching to new electric companies in Texas would be difficult, but it is actually quite simple. Start by digging up your old energy bills and look at the electricity rate you are currently paying. Your electricity rate will be listed in kilowatt hours, or kWh. This is the price you want to compare.

The next step is to examine the energy market and view offers from other retail energy suppliers. You may find that the Texas electricity rates offered by any given retailer may be higher than what is competitive for supply in the energy marketplace.

If you find another supplier has a plan that better meets your needs, then it might be time to switch. After careful consideration, call your pick of Texas electric companies to set up your new service.

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Understanding your utility's role

Regardless of which of the Texas electric companies you choose for your Dallas rates, you will still work closely with your utility. It is still responsible for delivering your energy supply and maintaining the infrastructure that transports it to you. Many of the state's residents may be able to find lower Texas electricity rates by comparing plans from several suppliers, and that can lead to paying less for their energy supply.

Updated: 7-22-2015