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Texas Energy Providers & Competitive Rates

Consider yourself lucky if you get to live in Texas. The state allows residents to choose among electricity companies based on the electric rates, plans and customer service options they offer. If you are looking to save money on your energy costs, you may want to consider switching to an electric company that offers a lower electric rate.

Some electricity companies may even offer electric rates that include green energy. If you purchase a green energy plan, you're ensuring that the amount of electricity you use will be generated from renewable energy technology that harnesses water, sunlight and wind. Purchasing a plan containing electric rates for green energy can help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Discover how an electric company supplies power to your home

In order to make an informed decision about electricity companies in Texas, it may be helpful to understand the process of getting electricity to your home or business. Electricity is typically created in a power plant through the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal. The steam generated through the burning process is used to push a turbine. As the turbine rotates it creates energy.

Before energy can be transported to your home, electricity companies have the opportunity to purchase the energy wholesale. Each electric company can then break up the energy into plans for customers and calculate the electric rates to charge for it. The electric rates charged are usually dependent on the energy purchase price your electric company paid.

Once an electric company has obtained the energy supply, it can be transported by your public utility through a series of high-voltage transmission wires. When the energy reaches your neighborhood, the voltage is lowered so it can travel safely through the power lines on your block. All you have to do is flip on a light switch, and you have power.